SGM Palco 5 – Washer Architetturale

Gli SGM Palco sono dei validi illuminatori architetturali, ideali per l'illuminazione anche di gradi aree.

PALCO 5 has been fitted with a new very powerful LED model (the k 2), thanks to which, compared to the other SGM LED LINE models, it is able to ensure remarkable luminosity with decidedly limited energy consumption.

PALCO 5 is, therefore, an extremely specific fixture, when it’s necessary to illuminate large walls or cover longer distances.

In matters of optics, it offers the same choice of interchangeable lenses as PALCO 3, which easily adapt to the various types of surfaces or objects to illuminate. Its high power, silent operation and protection to IP55 make PALCO 5 the ideal fixtures for lighting interiors (museums, art galleries, libraries, television studios, etc.) and above all for outdoor applications (architectural lighting in urban locations, monuments, buildings, etc.).

  • Grandi Illuminazioni
  • Illuminazioni Architetturali Omogenee
  • Progetti di Illuminazione Urbanistica
  • Bagni di Luce su Facciate e Monumenti

LEGGERO: Singolarmente, è trasportabile in automobile.

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